We are working to let you a valuable experience that you can share once you come back home.  Here unplug from the routine is only the first step to begin to live the emotions.

We are two young people who have decided to change their lives, combining a pragmatic spirit with being idealistic, tying intuition and feeling in a determination and ruthlessness cocktail.

The restoration project began in Autumn 2014, and after months of analysis and assessments made involving also a engineering firm, it finally took shape in June 2015. It will end in May 2016 celebrated with an opening party attended by a hundred of friends, acquaintances and curious.

With the end of the month of May, the first reservations came too. The dream becomes reality, there was no room for philosophies and forecasts anymore. From that moment going forward the things get tough, it was like a race against time and against the unexpected. There was no room for concern since we should have quick and easy solutions to convince our guests.

The results were fast in coming, after a month of start-up, the activity begins to grow speedily, supported by the great success in the reviews. Something worked and it is not the result of chance but of will and belief in a project and an idea that we have not left scratching with concerns and obstacles, and at the end won.

The idea is to let the guest a valuable experience that he/she can spend and share once he/she comes back home. We devote attention to its needs to 360 ° providing a customized and professional service, that only a structure with a limited number of rooms is able to satisfy. We want to ensure that the customer feel free to switch off from everyday life, so that his eyes and his thoughts relax looking the heels of the lake while going sipping a glass of good wine.

  • Gianluca Tresca
    Born in Tuscany in 1978, I spend 34 years of my life following the instructions to be a good student and employee. However, the character is another, that of an incurable dreamer. I find in traveling the cornerstone from which to build that dream. The landscapes, the stories of the people, have a valuable input that make the trip a special experience. Of course my role is to dedicate myself to the relationship with the customer, from the correspondence by mail, to the transport to the guest house, the breakfast service, cocktail and dinner, and the whole management of any requirement the customer wants to fulfill.
  • Maja Petranovic
    Born in 1986, I graduated in Statistics in 2010 and after 5 years of professional development in a leading multinational banking group I discovered an unbridgeable gap between my values and those of the company. So I decided to leave to become an entrepreneur. In Essentia I deal mainly with marketing and accounting, and in the daily management further to being responsible of the cleaning service supervision, I delight in preparing delicious meals for our guests.

Before the renovation

After the renovation

Opening party 21/05/2016