In Valsolda, on lake Lugano, the masterpiece of the Italian novelist Antonio Fogazzaro “Piccolo mondo antico” (also titled in English translations as “The Patriot”) was set. At the village Oria stands the villa where he lived and that will soon be opened to the public. From the small churchyard of San Sebastiano, near the lake, a narrow street starts that leads through the historic arcades and branches into alleys and stairs which lead to other interesting hamlets.

From Albogasio Superiore with its elegant XVII century palaces, you can reach Castello, a former medieval fortress. Here not to be missed is the S. Martino church with beautiful frescos in the vault painted by Paolo Pagani, born at Castello, and the museum Casa Pagani. S. Mamete is a small village running tightly around a small square surrounded by arcades overlooking the lake. In the villages of Loggio and Dasio (580m) there are many houses bearing coats of arms or religious frescoes. Above Cressogno there is the “Santuario della Madonna della Caravina” built in 1663. From the churchyard you have a spectacular view of lake Lugano.

DISTANCES: from Porlezza 5 Km

CONNECTIONS: bus line Menaggio-Lugano (