Up to a few decades ago, Cavargna was considered to be an impenetrable, wild valley. Nowadays, a smooth asphalt road climbing up from lake Piano leads to three villages dominating the valley: San Bartolomeo (850m), San Nazzaro (980m) and Cavargna which, with an altitude of 1,701 meters, is the highest town in the province of Como.

The crown of the Lepontine Alps that surrounds the whole valley offers many excursions: to Pizzo Gino, Monte Garzirola and the top of the Pianchette (all over 2,000 meters). At the pass San Lucio (1,500m), which links Val Cavargna with Val Colla (Switzerland), visitors can find the homonymous sanctuary dating back to the 14th cent.. Every year, on the 12th of July and on the 16th of August, religious services and a great  country festival take place in honor of Saint Lucio, a gentle dairyman venerated by the dalesmen because of his generosity towards the poor and patron of the herdsmen and the cheese makers.

In Cavargna you can rediscover the various aspects of everyday life by visiting the Museum of the Valley: in the several rooms you can find information on the religious aspects, the housework, the weaving, the production of bread and pasta, as well as ancient jobs like the Locksmith, the Blacksmith, the Alpine Dweller, the Wood man, the Carpenter and the Smuggler.

DISTANCES: from Menaggio 26 Km, from Como 55 Km

CONNECTIONS: bus service from Menaggio (www.asfautolinee.it)