From Argegno, up to San Fedele, Lanzo and Monte Sighignola (the so-called “Balcone d’Italia“) from where you can enjoy a marvelous panorama over Lake Ceresio, Lugano and the Alps: an itinerary through ancient villages (in Lanzo and Scaria there are some remains dating back to the prehistoric period, monolithic tombs and round-shaped stones housed in the Museum of the Fossils in Scaria) to visit villas, palaces and, above all, churches where you can admire the most valuable works of the art of the “Magistri Intelvesi“, local artists who worked in Italy as well as in many other European countries. The parish churches of Saint Peter and Paul in Dizzasco, S. Sisinio in Muronico (with its precious altar-frontals in an eighteen-century polychromic scagliola) and S. Maurizio in Casasco d’Intelvi where you can find a sixteen-century fresco probably painted by B. Luini, are well worth visiting.

Other interesting churches are: S. Stafano, in Castiglione d’Intelvi (an aisle less church with six side-chapels), S. Antonio, in San Fedele d’Itelvi, a Romanesque building dating back to the XIIth century, and eventually the parish church dedicated to San Giorgio – Saint George -, in Pellio Superiore, an aisle less church with side-chapels and trilobated apse that has maintained its original Romanesque façade.

By visiting the museums of the peasant culture housed in the rural buildings of the Valley you will find all the information you need on the local way of living.

DISTANCES: from Como 23 Km

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