Elegance, charme and relax, three coexisting elements that characterise the external spaces of Essentia Guest House.

Nestled in a chestnut tree wood, the villa has two external staircases: the first one, built with big stone steps perfectly inserted in a blooming garden, conveys value and charme to the entrance of the mansion; the second one which goes up on the left-hand side facing the house, hidden by luxuriant and colourful hydrangeas, takes the guest back to his room in a relaxing and perfumed atmosphere. Carrying on up this last staircase, passing through flowerbeds of heathers and tulips, you enter another green area, the perfect place to relax protected from the sun. A few steps down a patio equipped with a sofa and two armchairs encourages the guest to sit down and enjoy a nice glass of wine. The main feature of our external space is the terrace facing the lake. Two pergolas equipped with chairs, deck-chairs and tables are the sunbathing area during the daytime, but become a stage for music and art gigs or for elegant galas in the evening. An English-style lawn brings the final touch to this area.
At last the veranda completes the scene, allowing the guest to spend delightful moments lost in the breathtaking view of the lake from the early hours of the morning or to enjoy a romantic dinner as the sunset is slowly replaced by the night lights reflecting on the lake.