There are many reasons why one should visit the Canturino: to wonder about the woods of the park “Brughiera Briantea” or the surrounding hills, or to discover the remains of a legendary past: the early romanesque Basilica di San Vincenzo in Galliano, the villas and the places in Anzano del Parco or Inverigo; or, last but not least, in order to discover the two most important local activities. Who has never heard of the lace work of Cantù and the furniture of Brianza?

The particular working process adopted for the lacework and introduced in the remote 16th century, is an activity that characterizes, though only marginally, the artisan production of Brianza. The Association “Comitato per la Protezione del Merletto” continue to train and form skilled workers and organizes an International biennial exhibition of lace design, schools and history.

But what really characterizes and enriches the economy of this part of Lumbardy is the artistic furniture production. Started in the 19th century, this activity grew considerably in 1892, when a furniture school (the first of this type in Italy) opened, forming dynasties of artists. By now, a century later, the fame of the furniture-makers of Cantù (more than 700 units, between workshops and industries) has passed the national boundaries. Many permanent exhibitions attract large groups of visitors.

DISTANZE: from Como 15Km, from Milan 32 Km.

COLLEGAMENTI: bus from Como and other localities in Brianza (; trains from Milan (