Where the plain meets the mountains of the “Trinagolo Lariano” in “Alta Brianza”, those small stretches of water that reflect Manzoni’s “sky of Lombardy” look like little drops left behind by Lake Como. From West to East we find, one after the other, the tiny lake of Montorfano (Naturale Reserve), the lakes of Alserio and Pusiano (both included in the “Parco della Valle del Lambro”) and eventually the lake of Annone (in the province of Lecco). The fifth lake, called Segrino, is the northernmost one and is placed in a typically Pre-Alpine landscape.

Those who want to visit these places must not be in hurry; they should leave their cars and take a leisurely paths that go through the cane-thickets and the woods leading to various small beaches, ideal places for having a pic-nic.

Those who love poetry and arts will be enchanted by the evocative country sceneries. The divisionist painter Segantini lived in Pusiano and Carella from 1880 to 1886 and painted local sceneries. The most famous one is the “Ave Maria” which took a gold medal at Amsterdam’s World Fair. Bosisio is the hometown of the most important poet born in Brianza, Giuseppe Parini and tourists can visit the museum in his birth place. Last but not least we can find an enthusiastic description of this region in Stendhal’s Brianza Travel Diary.


DISTANCES: the lake of Montorfano is 7Km away from Como; the lake of Alserio is 13Km away from Como; the lake of Pusiano and the lake of Segrino 18Km, while the lake of Annone is 5Km away from Lecco

CONNECTIONS: bus services (Como-Erba-Lecco lines) (www.asfautolinee.it); railway (Milano-Erba-Canzo e Como-Lecco) (www.trenitalia.it)