The Villa

Conserve and preserve the past, its history, its colors, its scents the ones that make the Villa not only a pleasant place in which to stop, but the original experience to share ..

and its gardens

The surrounding woods

Places to visit

  • Bellagio
    A must for those who also dwells for a few days is Bellagio, known as "the Pearl of the Lake”. Be enchanted by one of the most romantic places in the world, the ideal place from which to admire the enchanting and unique views of Lake Como. A village full of mysterious alleys to discover and characteristics stairways on which overlook the colorful shops and restaurants where you can spend moments of conviviality. You will finally be admired by its villas and its gardens famous all over the world for their elegance and charm, making it an ideal place for a relaxing break.
  • Como
    Can you give up a visit to the capital of the lake? No, if you want to live a special holiday by choosing one of the many boat trips, experience of romance and tranquility, allowing you to admire the Lake’s villas from a unique perspective, or if you prefer to look out on the "balcony the Alps "in Brunate enjoying a breathtaking view of Lake. Upon completion of a unique experience, we invite you to take a walk inside the city walls that enclose in addition to the Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in northern Italy, small artisans shops and stands of the most prestigious brands, thus ensuring a shopping for all tastes. The city also offers restaurants, bars and wine bars, where you can toast to a practically perfect day.
  • Torno
    For those who enjoy walking by the Lake, a visit must be made in Torno, regarded as one of the most picturesque villages that look out on Lake Como through its secret alleys and small creeks. Surrounded by an aura of legend and mystery, making it sometimes forget the great artistic and historical value, a few minutes from here stands the Plinian villa, for those who want to immerse themselves in a magical and esoteric atmosphere.
  • Lemna
    If there is a place to start a walk, this is Lemna. Pretty village of Faggeto Lario is a very cozy and quaint country, surrounded by woods where paths accessible to everybody lead up to the mountain pastures.
  • Molina
    For a blast from the past, until the ancient Middle Ages, Molina becomes an essential source, representing a of the stop points of the Royal Road that still connects Como to Bellagio. Fainting through its narrow streets and quaint stairways you can also run into one of the famous fashion designer Prada Ville.
  • Palanzo
    For those who love history and its monuments, Palanzo is the ideal destination. In one of the most cared for and preserved countries around the Lake Como we find the ancient Church of Santa Maria Addolorata also called "Church of the Soldo" which stands in a beautiful panoramic location, 15 minutes from the city center and a monumental wine press of 1572 still functioning.
  • Riva
    Did you ever think to swim on Lake Como? In Riva di Faggeto you will find a secluded bay with a fully stocked bar to enjoy a refreshing drink. On the other side everything is ready for a sail with the boat in an unforgettable excursion on the lake shore.