What an enchanting place is Bellagio, where you can lose your way walking between its once rose-pained houses, up and down its narrow and dark “carrugi”, under its arcades where the shops, their goods outside, make it difficult for you to pass and where you can follow, out of the corner of your eyes, the boats which come and go from the bank n a sort of aquatic minuet.

Inhabited since the prehistoric period, a Roman settlement and a medieval fortification, in the XVIIIth century Bellagio became the place where the Lombard aristocrats of the time decided to build their villas: among these, Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi (today part of the Rockefeller foundation and seat of meetings as well as educational holidays) open their parks to the public from March to October.

Bellagio is located on the tip of a promontory right there where the lake bifurcates. From Punta Spartivento, 10 min walk from the centre, one can enjoy a superb view of the lake’s three branches and the alpine foothills.

This wonderful place has seen the passage of many personages who, with the passing of time, have become almost legendary: kings and empresses, writers, poets and musicians. Franz Liszt for example composed here his “Dante Sonata”, as stated by a plate along the main stairway Serbelloni.

DISTANCES: from Como 30 Km

CONNECTIONS: bus services from Como (www.asfautolinee.it) and Lecco (www.lineelecco.it); boats, hydrofoils and car-ferries (www.navigazionelaghi.it)